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Do you have a debit card, if you have a yes then you will have to know everything about MyPrepaidCenter.com to log in and access your account? After logging in to your account, you must have a username and password to login to your prepaid center, you will be able to create all the details of your card. With the help of MyPrePaidCenter prepaid debit card, you can use the U.S. All major credit cards are accepted including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Card. Here’s a complete description of my prepaid center log, which lets you sign in to your account. You can easily register your account Read the step tutorial about the process and sign in below.


When using a prepaid card, it is important to keep track of your card balance. If the card is processed for more than the available balance. Then it will be rejected. Knowing the boundaries of your card is also important. Some cards can be used virtually anywhere. While some are only accepted by a group of merchants. Behind the card, there is a toll-free cardholder service number. On which you keep in mind that your card is lost. Or have been stolen and if you have been given the option, always remember to choose a credit for a loan. If your prepaid card is ever lost. Or have been stolen, then reach the toll-free number on the back of the card and the first replacement is free. After which there will be a charge for each replacement. Can use the card edge service number on the back of the card. If you have any problems at any time of purchase.

  • All the prepaid cards issued are some of the ways of loyalty, reward or promotion programs.
  • Please allow a change of prepaid card for 10 days to arrive through the first class mail.
  • Cardholders can view all the transactions online within the 30-day deadline.
  • If the purchase is made with the card and the card is processed for more than its available value then the purchase will be rejected (the customer will not be able to pay the balance with any other card, check or cash )
  • All Discover Gift Cards are issued with Metabank’s active Prepaid Card service.

MyPrepaidCenter Login:

  • To log into your account you need o follow the given procedure and Login your account easily.
  • First, you need to visit the main website. www.myprepaidcenter.com
  • After open the website there will be link o login.
  • Now Enter “Username”
  • The “Password”
  • Finally, click on Login button. If you have entered all details correctly you will be able to access your account easily.myprepaidcenter

Activate MyPrepaidCenter card?

If you have applied for the card and after receiving your prepaid credit card in the mail it is time to create an online account to activate your account. When you visit www.myprepaidcard.com, you need to go to the main website to set up an online account.

  • Visit – www.myprepaidcard.com
  • Now “Enter all your personal information”
  • Then Choose a security question and answer
  • After that “Choose the alert notification language you prefer (English, Spanish, or French)”
  • After this process click Create Profile.

American Express: 888-900-2347
Discover 888-842-0336 in the U.S., or 801-744-9918 outside the U.S.
MasterCard: 888-371-2109
Visa: 877-610-1075 in the U.S. and Canada, or 801-214-8892 outside the U.S. and Canada

In Canada, the MasterCard prepaid cards are issued by the MasterCard International for a license by the People’s Trust Company, while Visa Customers using prepaid cards are issued by the People’s Trust Company.

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