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www.dollartreefeedback.com – The dollar tree is a discount store chain selling items for $ 1 or less. Which operates 13,600 stores through 48 states of the US. I would wonder if you have not seen them already. In-store you can clean products from floral to everything, health and beauty items. You can also shop online at DollarTree.com. Where you can find even lower priced products with Free Shop Store, Dollar Tree Loyalty Club, and sign up for the e-newsletter to get the latest news, special offers and more.


The dollar tree is a national discount chain store. Which sells mostly goods for a dollar or less. Dollars sells a wide variety of items including trees. Health and beauty products, food and snacks, stationery, supplies of crafts, automotive, electronics, pet supplies, books, frozen foods, and dairy. Origin in Virginia, Dollar Tree now offers approximately 5,000 stores in the US and Canada. If you have recently bought a dollar tree store, and want to share your experience with the company. So the feedback survey is the best way to do this. Dollar trees consider your opinion, whether it is good or bad. This allows them to improve your services.

Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Go to the Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey page and read the Contest Rules.
  • Choose your language from English and Spanish.
  • Enter the store number, total amount expense, travel date and the time of travel traveled on your receipt.
  • Rate your overall experience in this dollar tree. Like employees, service, store overall.
  • Answer some questions about your recent experience. Like “Dollar is a fun place to buy a tree”, “I get unpredictable value in the dollar tree” and so on.
  • Fill in your personal information so that you can enter sweepstakes.dollartreefeedback

DollarTreeFeedback.com Win $1,000 Cash

It is very easy to start the survey, and it will take about 10 minutes. Keep your receipt in your possession and search the dollar for the number of dollars, the total amount spent, the date of travel and the dollar for the search of dollars. Upon completion of the survey, you can win an Ipod Plus 10 chance to win $ 1,000 cash immediately.

  • You need to be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras or Korea’s District
  • You need to be legal age in your country or area of ​​residence.
  • You can not be employed by the dollar tree or any affiliate or subsidiary company of the company.
  • You can not be related to any employee or a member of the family.

Instructions for Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey are very straightforward, and there is a receipt illustration to help you find the information you need. However, if you have problems, you can call 1-877-530-8733 to speak with a representative. You can also get online help by visiting the dollar tree homepage and clicking “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.

Useful links:

Official survey page: www.dollartreefeedback.com
Dollar Tree website: www.dollartree.com

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