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www.60secondpremier.com – Have you received a pre-approved email from first Premier Bank? If you want to get the first Premier Platinum MasterCard And also received the mail, then go to www.60secondpremier.com immediately. The first Premier Bank is making a better credit history by receiving platinum MasterCard and sending pre-approved mail to its customers. If you have actually received it, then go to the 60-second premiere site and complete the online process to get a credit card. Users will have to open the site and follow the simple instructions to receive their first Premier Credit Card at their address in just a few days.


You will need to enter a confirmation number on the www.60secondpremier.com pre-approved site. The website which is highlighted in your acceptance letter in the appropriate box. The numbers are of 9 numbers and 4 characters. After entering your confirmation number, which has been synchronized with some of your personal credit information On the first premiere file, you will see several entries of your application. The application will be populated in order to spend time in the process. After you finish the 60-second premiere application, you will wait a minute or more to get an online decision immediately after acceptance and see if you are raising a credit line and card. If you have been accepted. You will receive a notification on the screen. Consumers who are not getting immediate decisions. They will have to check back in a few days because more time is required for their application to be approved.

  • 175$ annual fee
  • 50$ of Monthly Service fee after a year
  • 6$ cash advance fee
  • 35$ late payment fee
  • 36% annual percentage rate
  • 700$ credit limit
  • 150$ security deposit

How to Apply for First Premier Card

  • First, type www.60secondpremier.com and press enter.
  • Enter the confirmation number in the box and go to “Enter” You will see a confirmation number on the pre-approved mail that you have received. This confirmation number will include 9 numbers and 4 letters.
  • After submitting the confirmation number, it will ask you to give some personal information such as name, contact number, address, monthly income etc.
  • Then, submit it.
  • It will take a minute to find out if the application for your credit card has been accepted or not.60secondpremier

Features of First Premier Platinum MasterCard

Before applying for the first Premier Platinum MasterCard, you should know its features, after receiving the first Premier Platinum MasterCard, you can manage it. And enjoy online services 24/7 cardholder can go to www.60secondpremier.com. And create an account. Through this account, they can also get details of transaction history, online details, current balance and credit limit details. In addition, users can pay their credit card bills online for free There is no charge for login and payment. The most important information about Platinum MasterCard is given in the form given below.

After receiving your immediate decision and increasing your credit limit, your credit card will be mailed to your home so that you can start using. Take time to activate your card and enroll in the first Premier Bankcard services. This is a convenient service. Which allows you to monitor/manage your credit card account online to be able to sign in to your account and rely on the paper statement.



website: www.60SecondPremier.com

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